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Community Service
City of Eugene, 
Planning Commission

In 1980, the City Council of Eugene appointed me to the Planning Commission. My term of office was arguably the most productive ever, as we acted in a non-partisan manner to completely rewrite the city’s land-use policies and procedures, most zoning ordinances, and almost all neighborhood plans, in a manner that removed red tape while retaining citizen involvement. We also implemented economic diversification efforts and expedited industrial siting. My colleagues elected me Vice President in my final year.

 • Vice President, 1984-1985

Eugene Software Council

ESC was arguably the first software industry association in the country. Formed with strong support from the City of Eugene and Mayor Brian Obie, it became a model for other associations such as the Massachusetts Software Council and the Washington Software Association, and ultimately was the genesis of the Software Association of Oregon, into which it was absorbed in 1991.

  • Founding President, 1983
  • Board of Directors, 1983-1987

Lane Regional 
Air Protection Agency

I was with LRAPA in various capacities for many years, serving as chair of the Advisory Committee for three years. Under my leadership the group tackled the very serious problem of pollution from residential heating by intensively educating ourselves and talking to representatives of every point of view on the matter. In the end we forged a voluntary control plan that avoided federal sanctions and drastically reduced the problem, achieving cleaner air without coercion. This plan has proved broadly popular and is still in effect.

  • Eugene Springfield Air Quality Maintenance Area Citizens Advisory Committee 1979-1980
  • Steering, Strategy, and Modeling Subcommittees 1979-1980
  • Advisory Committee 1981-1990, Vice Chair 1987, Chair 1988-1990
  • Budget Committee, Chair 1981-1984

Northwest Resource 
Federal Credit Union

Credit unions are non-profit financial cooperatives dedicated not to profit or charity but solely for the service of members. As such they are directed by volunteers. I like that! NRFCU was founded in 1935, serves Northwest Natural statewide and the Portland Central City neighborhoods, and has assets of about $75 million.

  • Board of Directors 2000-2005
  • Chair 2001-2005

Oregon Country Fair

I am proud of my role in securing purchase of a permanent home for the only fully self-sustaining arts organization in the country.

  • Charter Member 1982

The Wright Institute (Berkeley, CA)

The Wright Institute is a perennially impoverished progressive degree granting institution. My employer used it for institutional sponsorship in return for contributing indirect funding, from grants that constituted the majority of its budget. We requested and received membership on the Board in return, and I was selected to attend. When I saw how inefficient and corrupt the leadership of the Institute was, I led a coup attempt within the Board and came within one vote of unseating them. This taught me a very meaningful lesson in the value of one vote.

  • Board of Trustees 1981

1) I was very involved in my public service activities when I was younger.
2) I am very proud of my work and the benefits it has brought.
3) I believe strongly that citizens need to give back and be engaged in community matters.
4) I am really busy with BCI work and would love to, in the future, find time to do this again.