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IRS Representation
Bauske Consulting, Inc. Services
Tax Preparation - current or past, personal or business
As an Enrolled Agent, I am admitted to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service in all civil cases. 

If the IRS comes to your door, remember the three magic words: I Want Representation - then call me.  I will fight to make sure your rights as a taxpayer are respected, and to secure you an equitable settlement. I can often hold off enforcement actions in the meantime.

Standard rate: $110 per hour
As an Oregon Licensed Tax Consultant, I can prepare, sign, and e-file tax returns for any state. I will interview you thoroughly and review all your materials and documents, including your previous tax returns. Using Lacerte, along with researching a vast range of informational resources, I will carefully prepare all forms in your returns, federal and state, personal, and business. I'll also help you setup and perform quarterly reviews of your withholding to ensure that you do not face penalties. Together we'll track your returns through the federal and state processing systems to ensure that you get any refunds due you as soon as possible.

Fee Structure - Death & Taxes preparation fees are based on the annual state-by-state summary of rates prepared by the IRS from a survey conducted by the National Society of Accountants. It is published in early January and I will update the fee schedule accordingly, incorporating the following courtesy discounts:

Individual returns - 
50% discount from the standard preparation fees on 2018 returns filed before March 15
30% for those filed between March 15 and April 15
20% for those filed between April 15 and October 15

Corporate and Partnership returns -
50% discount from the standard preparation fees for 2018 returns filed before February 15
30% for those filed between February 15 and March 15
20% for those filed between March 15 and September 15.

  Returns filed outside these dates in 2019, or returns for any other tax year, will receive a 10% courtesy discount from published rates.

Project Management
In addition to my tax expertise, I am a certified Project Management Professional with over ten years experience implementing IT hardware and software systems for clients worldwide. For example, I can help you plan, design, implement, manage and support your in-house financial, personnel, or other business support system.

Standard rate: $80-120 per hour
From tax consultation to tax preparation during Tax Season to bookkeeping services year round, we can help. Whatever your current relationship with the IRS, from maintaining your good record of filling promptly to keeping your property from being seized, we can help!